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Monetize your IoT devices effortlessly

AYDO makes it easy to stream data from any IoT device to DePIN protocols
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TVOC / CO2 sensor
Status | Active
Protocol | Zigbee
Blockchain | peaq
Video streaming
Status | Active
Protocol | RTSP
Blockchain | Solana
Cellular connectivity
Status | Active
Protocol | Modbus
Blockchain | Ethereum
Noise Sensor
Status | Active
Protocol | Z-Wave
Blockchain | IoTeX
> what is DePIN?

The future of IoT devices

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure) enables users to stream data form their smart home sensors,  Arduino/ESP boards connected sensors to protocols of their choice.
> the solution

Turn and monetize any IoT sensor as a DePIN data source

AYDO is a Web3 bridge that empowers users to own, control, and verifiably stream different IoT device data from diverse vendors with different protocols to blockchains.
> the problem

Complicated distribution
& Poor sensors’ availability

Most of the DePIN protocols require specific sensors to stream data. They are very expensive and their shipment to different parts of the world is long and problematic.
> advatantages of using AYDO

Beneficial from every perpective

Join DePINs with existing IoT devices and sensors, connect 7,000+ affordable 3rd party devices available worldwide.
Manage streaming through AYDO Dashboard application easily discover new DePIN projects and stream data with couple of clicks.
Own your streaming, have clear understanding what data you share, control your streaming and rewards. Do it privately and securely.
Get rid of the need to distribute hardware to your users and focus on core product, not connectivity.
Lower your user acquisition costs and get more streamers.
Get overview of DePIN user & data pool through a single dashboard.
> how to start?

Hassle-free setup

Stream data to chosen DePIN

Start streaming data from your IoT devices to various DePIN projects on peaq, IoTeX, etc.

Setup AYDO

Connect sensors to AYDO software on your local hardware (PC, Raspberry Pi and any Server)

Pick any sensor on supported protocols

Choose sensors from any supported vendor and protocol
> creditibility & partners

Represented and trusted by the best players in DePIN community

Roadshows & Conferences
Channels & Integration partners
Supported devices
In constant collaboration with the best:
Peaq, a company that provides solutions for decentralized identification and financial systems. The company aims to create secure and efficient infrastructure for decentralized applications.IoTeX, a company specializing in creating secure and scalable infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company ensures data protection and device interaction through blockchain technology.
DepinScan, a platform for monitoring and analyzing decentralized applications and networks. The platform offers tools for tracking activity and status of blockchain projects.Logo of The Odyssey, a global conference dedicated to blockchain technologies and innovations. The conference brings together industry leaders to share knowledge and discuss the future of decentralized technologies.
Outlier Ventures, a leader in venture capital and blockchain innovation. The company fosters the development of decentralized technologies and startups by providing investments and strategic support.
TOKEN2049, a premier cryptocurrency and blockchain event held annually. The event gathers top industry professionals and thought leaders to discuss the latest trends and developments in the blockchain space.Blockchain Life, an international forum focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining. The forum is a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussing the future of the blockchain industry."
World Blockchain Summit (WBS), a global series of blockchain conferences. WBS connects blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs to explore the potential of blockchain technology.ETHDenver, one of the largest Ethereum and blockchain hackathons in the world. The event brings together developers and enthusiasts to collaborate on innovative projects and solutions.The ethos of the WOW Summit is to design cornerstone events to serve a dynamic, global Web3 community, eager to explore, shape, and influence the future of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and beyond.